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1st Impression Marketing Solutions has an experienced team of Atlanta web designers ready to help with all of Atlanta web design and development.  When we say Atlanta web design, we mean the design, building and managing of any and all web or online related properties.  As web designers, we look at the finished product as art, but more specifically as “art for money”…meaning that if our finished pro duct doesn’t help you find, attract, educate, sell or get your new potential customers to call or email you…then we’re not doing our job.

When Atlanta Web Designers says ” Atlanta web design “, we mean everything from logo creation, header creation, website design, mobile sites, mobile apps, landing pages, social pages, content creation, e-book ghost writing, video creation and more.  Unified web design causes these different digital marketing tools to work together, effectively branding you, your business, products and/or services.  Potential customers respond to this strong and consistent identity and message by granting you and your business more authority and greater trust.  This not only results in great sales, but more repeat business,  referrals and ultimately profit.

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For us as focused, professional Atlanta web designers, your business’s name, tag line, logo, colors and main website are the foundation for both your web design and your business’s communication to the market.  Your website is like a digital brochure to send your existing and potential clients to so they can learn more about you, your business and the products or services you’re representing.  It’s important that your website, web pages or other web assets (i.e. mobile site, mobile app, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, etc.) are branded to match each other and convey a united message about your company and offerings.

Atlanta Web Designers Helps Grow Your Business…

Most Atlanta web designers are primarily focused on creating a website or web asset that makes sense, works properly and exceeds your visual expectations as a client.  This is good web design…but not great Atlanta web design.  Unfortunately, a number of other profitable components and options are rarely discussed in detail.  We want to see you make a healthy return on your investment and to see your business grow, so we make these more profitable design components a top priority from the initial consultation all the way to final application.  Check out the list of often forgotten web design components below:

  • Colors and web design advice based on your customer demographics and type of offering, not your wardrobe or mood that day
  • Phone #, quote request form and/or info form above the fold for customers that want to contact you or get more info even before viewing the rest of the site.
  • Social media icons or buttons at top, right side and/or bottom of page.
  • Keyword research and search engine optimization planning before website design so that it can be built that it will rank better if that’s a profitable strategy.
  • Copy writing that sells your potential customer on taking the action we’re requesting.  ( We have actual journalists and seasoned copy writers amongst our marry band of Atlanta Web Designers )
  • Video, slider and/or pictures on the front page to keep people on it long enough for the copy writing to work and because time on page shows the search engines that you’re site is relevant and valuable.
  • Buttons/Links to surveys, comments, polls, contests, etc. to increase engagement and interaction.
  • Business contact and location info formatted Google Local map listings and others.
  • List of areas serviced on either side or across bottom, ideally linked to and unlisted page for each location, especially if map listings for multiple locations.
  • Alert boxes, pop-ups, pop-unders, etc. used as a timed prompt/reminder to take action or final call to action as potential customer is leaving the page/site.
  • Need for a CMS (content management system) or admin area to be included in the new website design so it can be up-dated and edited easily so can be adapted for future marketing strategies.

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Your Own Atlanta Web Designers and Project Managers

Whether you’re a new business putting your initial marketing tools together or an existing business looking to improve and re-target your branding, we would love to be a part of your Atlanta web design or redesign project.  We promise to listen well about your business…what’s working and not working. We’ll partner with you to develop the best marketing and design strategies to grow your business while making the greatest return on your investment.  Our Atlanta web designer and project manager will work methodically, getting your approval at each phase, to make sure the final Atlanta Web Design product will serve you and your business well for years to come.

The Atlanta web designers and staff here at 1st Impression Marketing Solutions are committed to giving you the best ROI and value…period.  So call us today at 404-994-2949 to ask any questions you may have or schedule a private consultation regarding your Atlanta web design project.