QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

QR codes are the square shaped barcodes made of dot that everyone is running around and scanning with their smart phones and iPads.  QR stands for “Quick Response” because it’s so much quicker to scan them than to try and type a long URL code into your smart phone web browser.  It acts just like a bar code, but when scanned with a cell phone, takes them directly to a web page, Facebook page, video, etc.  Whatever action you want to encourage, you’ll get a much higher success rate if you offer a QR code option.

Is This a Good Time to Start Using QR Codes?

QR codes are being adopted quickly by the 50% in mid 2012 that already had smart phones and it’s assumed the % of people using them will rise as 50% approaches 80% with smart phones by 2015.  Is this then a good time to learn about this mobile marketing technology?…absolutely, especially since some recent added options have made them much more useful, user friendly and more attractive.

QR Codes are getting Serious…

More advanced QR creation software can now create dynamic QR codes, which means the QR code can stay the same, yet the destination can change.   So, a QR code may start be used to take your customer to your Facebook page and like it, but then months later it can be reprogrammed to take them to a video review and next year, then later you can use it to let them download your new mobile app or sign-up for your text coupons…even your loyalty program.

The same software often allows tracking of the clicks right down to time/date, from what phone, GPS location when scanned, type of phone used, etc.  This information is incredibly powerful when properly used.  For example, if you knew that 90% of your scans to like your Facebook page came from android phones, wouldn’t that influence your decision to only invest up-front in an android mobile app for next year?  How about time of day or day of week stats to help you schedule advertising timing or gps location to know where your direct mail piece is being scanned so you know where to market more?

Custom QR Code Marketing SampleThe most recent added software options are allowing for very creative use of color, shapes, logos, etc. to turn the typical black and white QR code made of dots into a fully branded component of your marketing arsenal.  Additionally, the added use of color and design elements combined with being so new, works to make your customer or potential customers much more curious about where this unique QR code may take them?  Don’t tell them it takes them to Facebook anymore, eventually being able to rotate URLs even, making it a real digital adventure to scan whether on the front door, the back of the register, table tents, menus, signage or even in your print advertising or on your vehicles.  These applications can get your customers curious, involved…talking, and this method will only get stronger as we approach 80% smart phone adoption over the next couple years.

You Get What You Pay For with QR Codes

Although there are free QR code generators all over the net, the enterprise grade software we use allows your QR codes to by Dynamic, tracks them and allows them to be personalize to match your business’s branding so they look like they belong to you.  We’re so confident that you’ll love these cutting edge designed QR codes, we’ll even make a sample for you…but don’t be surprised when you end up ordering a handful and wanting to put them all over your business and marketing materials.  So contact us today to speak with one of our QR Code Marketing Techs to get your questions answered or request a QR code sample customized to your business.