Search Marketing

Keyword Research is the Key

Keyword research is how we figure out which keywords your potential clients are typing in to find a business, product or service just like yours.  We use a number of different software and services to gather this info, then interpret it based on previous experience.

One component of this keyword research is the input we get from you during the initial interviews and fact finding.  Another component is that we research your competitors sites, customer patterns, your industry’s seasonal patterns and the historic traffic patterns for each site or media channel.  The resulting keyword research information will be used to focus on the best, most efficient traffic and lead sources.

Organic vs. Paid Search Marketing

Organic search marketing is most often referred to as SEO (search engine optimization), while paid for search marketing is typically called PPC (pay per click) marketing.  Regardless of which method is being used, the goal is to get your site showing on the front page of the major search engines, as this is where most people now go regularly to find information before making a purchase.

The work of doing SEO starts with the keyword research, often followed by minor corrections or additions to the website being ranked and the addition or changing of some content, i.e. written, pictures, video, etc.  Once this “on page” SEO is completed, then the monthly ongoing “off page” SEO of building links and citations back to the website begins.  Although there is greater expense in the beginning, it gets easier to maintain ranking on search engines as you go while at the same time, the quantity and quality of your leads will continue to improve.  Competitors will also be making improvements and doing SEO for their websites, so once the front page ranking is achieved…some ongoing work will still be needed to maintain your website’s hard won ranking.

Just as organic search marketing is slower and builds up over time, the opposite is true of PPC.  Once the keyword research is done, a PPC campaign can be started quickly on any of the major search engines or social media sites, often within 24-48 hours.  The quantity of leads can be adjusted up or down to continue improving the campaign’s efficiency.  Although these leads are quick to start and adjust, they must be paid for again and again, typically with a higher price per lead.

Organic AND Paid Search Marketing

Ultimately, if you need leads quickly, then PPC can really get things moving quickly, but we almost always recommend doing SEO / SEM in the background to build your organic traffic and leads so that you can save money long-term and reduce your cost per lead along with your business’s profitability.  As your organic search marketing increases in lead generation, we can reduce your paid for search marketing…bringing you cost per lead down over 6-12 months.

There are a lot of factors that affect these strategies, so the exact formula and plan for each business in each market at different times in the business cycle can be a bit different.  The concepts and general strategies hold true, but through learning more about your business, constant testing and tweaking, we work to get the most leads for the least cost so your business can grow in size and profitability.

Local, National and Global Search Marketing

Generally speaking, the smaller the market, the easier it is to target your search marketing and the less competition.  This means quicker results and lower cost per lead, but it also means a smaller pool of potential customers.  An example of a local organic SEO option would be your Google Local maps listing, which can be claimed, optimized and ranked for the first page of Google.  At some point, there are only so many people in that population that are searching that day or month.  To increase potential customer leads and traffic will mean adding other surrounding markets or moving to a larger market all together.

We hope this information has helped to clear things up a bit about SEO and PPC marketing.  Please feel free to call us at 404-994-2949 with any other questions or to schedule a time that we could meet to talk about your business and how best to help new customers find your business on line.