Google Map Listing

Claim Your Google Map Listing

The Google Local map listings for most local search terms are typically shown as a group of 3-10 on the first page of Google and are a little easier to rank than a traditional website or other web assets.  Additionally, someone searching for a local business is a). often looking for a map showing their locations relative to where they are now and b). statistically much more likely to actually come to your place of business and buy something.  These specific features and advantages of a Google Local map listing makes it a preferred short to medium term source of highly qualified potential customers.

Odds are very good, that if your business is a brick and mortar business or if it’s been listed in an online directory (yellow pages, cityscape, merchants circle, etc.) that Google has already created a maps listing and page for your business.  It may not be totally accurate, i.e. having pictures that Google has grabbed  from related subject pages and stuck the in your listing.  You may have some reviews left by past customers that you don’t even know about?

Google “name of your business city state” to start and it will usually be the top result or in the top few.  Click on the reviews link and it will take you to your Google Local listing page.  There’s a red button on the right side of the page that says “manage this page”, that will take you to the editing screen.  Once there, you’ll need to sign into your Google+ account, edit and correct your listing then save.  You’ll get a screen that will let you know that Google will be sending you a card with a 5 digit code number on it.  Once you receive it, you need to come back and enter it into this same screen to make your listing live.  It takes about 2 weeks to come in the mail, then another week once the code is entered before your listing will show properly and be active.

Optimizing Your Google Map Listing

The editing of your Google Local map listing so that it will rank better is what we call “optimizing”.  It is similar to the methods employed when designing, building out and optimizing your website for best SEO.  There are quite a few items that need properly listed, added, labeled, etc. so although most can get a mediocre result on their own, someone that’s experienced in setting up Google Local maps listings can help it to rank and show up in the 3-10 maps listings on page one of Google.  Such Optimization also multiplies the effects of the links and citations, helping it to rank better for the appropriate terms.

The optimizing of your Google Local maps listing is in fact a component of organic search marketing, except it will only come up when a geo targeted or local search term is searched for.  Similar to SEO in general, keyword research helps to make sure your Google Local maps listing is properly set-up to be found by the right potential customers.  You can also create and rank maps listings in Yahoo and Bing, but because Google get’s 70% of the traffic, we focus much more on the Google Local map listing.

Advanced Optimizing of Your Google Map Listing

There are also some “advanced” optimization techniques that will affect the quality and quantity of leads.  This includes the effect of good and bad reviews.  There is also software that adds an author photo or video thumb nail, with the intent of increasing the attention of the searcher, the number of clicks and the conversion once they click through to your website.  Part of what makes these added tweaks so powerful, is that most people don’t use them, which allows your page then to really stand out and get more traffic.

If you haven’t claimed your Google Local map listing, we hope you will.  Please feel free to call us at 404-994-2949 with any additional questions or to speak with us about not only claiming your Google Local maps listing, but also optimizing and ranking it to help you get your business in front of the people already looking for you.